Who are our School Governors?

Joe Hill – Chair of Governors

Hello! I’m a Local Authority governor, current Chair of Governors (since January 2017) and have been on the board of governors here at Plymouth Grove since 2010. As well as chairing the full body, I also sit on the Finance, Staffing and Premises committee and the Headteacher Performance Review Panel.


I work for the government in the Department for Education (DfE), working on the recruitment campaign to attract new people into teacher training. Being part of the DfE means I keep well up to date with what’s going on in the education world and I can bring this knowledge to the governing body. My work also involves a lot of data analysis, which is very useful in understanding and interpreting the many facts and figures that governors see.


When I’m not at work I’m usually at home with my wife Lizzie (who teaches at a secondary school in Stockport) and our son, Ezra – who has a younger sibling on the way! I’m an adopted Mancunian, being originally from Doncaster in South Yorkshire, but my family is from Lancashire and in fact my great-great grandfather was born right here in Chorlton-on-Medlock.


What I like most about Plymouth Grove is the emphasis on inclusion and making learning irresistible for all the children here. There is some genuinely inspirational practice going on at Plymouth Grove, and I look forward to helping improve the school even more over the coming years.




Abdigaffer Muse – Parent Governor

Abdigafar Muse - Parent Governor
Abdigafar Muse – Parent Governor

My name is Abdigafar Muse, I am a parent governor at Plymouth Grove Primary School. I have been a parent governor since January 2013. I am a member of a non-profit organisation called Nimcale (Prosper in Somali Language) that builds schools in rural Somalia. We have so far built 2 schools in central Somalia. It is a during this challenging and fascinating time that I became aware of how much I enjoy this kind of community service. And it is the reason why I have chosen to become a parent governor at Plymouth Grove Primary School. We are very lucky to have access to full-time education system provided by the state when millions of children in many parts of the world can only dream to go to school. It is not only great but it is also an honour to be able to help a very focused and inspirational team who run our wonderful school. It is very satisfying to know that the decisions I make within the governing body can have a positive impact on our children and school.

Dan Lever – Community Governor

Dan Lever – Chair of Governors

I’m community governor at Plymouth Grove. Previously I was a parent governor, with three children who all enjoyed life at the school from reception to year 6.  I was then chair of governors at the school for many years.  I’ve enjoyed being part of the ‘old’ and ‘new’ at the school; it seems amazing now, but the local authority were actually looking at merging PG with another local school a few years ago because of declining numbers. Now we’re looking at a new build plus retaining the old school. My day job involves me in the world of environmental planning. Although different to education, it involves planning for the future, something that PG is doing right now. It’s an exciting time,and as ever at PG, a privilege to be part of the schools’ ongoing development.

Beverley Sauders




Imtiaz Mirza- Parent Governor

Awaiting photo and profile



Paul Williams – Local Authority Governor

Paul Williams - Community Governor
Paul Williams – Community Governor

Hi Everyone, I am one of the Local Authority Governors and have served on the governing body for just over seven years. I am Chair of the Finance, Staffing and Premises Committee and I also form part of the Headteacher’s Performance Review Panel.

I am 46 and married with three children, 1 boy and 2 girls (who are now all adults – they grow up so fast) and we have a dog named ‘Dude’ who is a Lakeland Terrier. I was born and bred in Gorton and am a proud Mancunian, who has crossed the border as I now live in Heaton Moor, Stockport.

I work as the Head of Communications for Manchester City Council. The reason I became a governor was that I worked across the road from the school within Daisy Mill on Stockport Road, which was where our print and mail team used to be, and I wanted to do something to help out our local community. I have good experience in managing people and resources and thought that my business experience could be put to good use supporting the strategic aims and objectives of Plymouth Grove.

I love the schools spirit and values of making learning irresistible and am very proud to be part of the wonderful team of teachers, support staff and pupils that make up our wonderful school community. What I think helps to make our school fabulous in every way is the respect that everyone has for each other, the excellent standards of behaviour of our children and the fact that we can have fun while we learn.

Isgar Mohammed-Parent Governor

Awaiting picture and profile

Other governors

There are also 3 members of the school staff who complete the school governors.  These members are hopefully more familiar.

Michael Cooke - Headteacher
Michael Cooke – Headteacher


Lynda Smith - Deputy Head and Staff Governor
Lynda Smith – Deputy Head and Staff Governor

Sarah Thompson – teacher governor

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